Recipient Selection

When selecting recips for embryo transfer you should try and select cattle with a docile tendency. This allows for lower stress during the setup process, which can lead to higher pregnancy rates. When selecting cattle from your herd you should steer away from heifers, as they don’t always set up properly. If you have records of calving, you should try to use the cattle who calve on time every year.


Nutrition is a big factor in your pregnancy rates, so we advise making sure your cattle are receiving quality nutrition. If you’re feeding cows, don’t give more than 13 to 14 percent protein in a ration, if cows are fortunate enough to be grazing on lush green forage, you won’t have to supplement with anything but hay to raise fiber content and improve digestion. You should always supplement your recips with a quality mineral to make sure you are covering any mineral deficiencies.

Animal Health

All cows in a recip herd need to be on a standard vaccination schedule. Timing, however, of those vaccines needs to be at least 30 days prior to synchronization. We understand that this means working your cattle one more time, but it will help your pregnancy rates. We encourage you to speak with your local vet to set up the vaccination program.

Cryogen Global Recipients cows-and calves
Cryogen Global calves on hay recipient

If you don’t want the hassle with setting up cows and having open cows on the ranch throughout the year. Let us take care of that for you, we’re are now offering a bred recip program. Ready to go at 90 days. Good, Gentle, Pretty bagged cows all have raised calves.
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